Circuit Profiles

The Commission on Trial Court Performance & Accountability Commission and Office of the State Courts Administrator have been working together to provide resource tools that can be used to evaluate and monitor court reporting operations. One resource tool that has been developed is the circuit profile.  

Circuit profiles provide court managers with access to a systematic collection of information on state funded programs within the Florida trial courts.  Currently, Circuit Profiles have been developed for the following programs:  Court Reporting Services, Court Interpreting Services, and Mediation Services.  Contained in each publication, for each of the twenty judicial circuits, is circuit specific information on program fiscal allotments, direct service staffing models, position titles, service coverage types and/or levels, contractual service provider rates, measurable workload outputs, and other logistical data.

NOTE: Due to the large amount of data contained in each Circuit Profiles publication, tables and graphics were used to concisely represent the data.  If you use assistive technology and are having trouble accessing the information contained in these publications, please email us at to request the preferred format in which to receive the information, along with your contact information.

Last Modified: July 15, 2020